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Prayer: Asking & Receiving

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Dr. John R. Rice

Published by Sword of the Lord




There is still power in prayer.  Dr. John R. Rice once said, "Every failure in life is a prayer failure."  The famous evangelist lived like he believed it.

America's best-seller on prayer has sold over 500,000 copies. Dr. Rice will share with you the lessons that he learned about getting things from God. God still answers the prayers of His children -- if they pray. Read this powerful book and be encouraged to do just that!

We can pray for healing, we can pray for wisdom, we can pray alone, we can pray as a family, but we must pray if we are going to have God's power in our lives.

Dr. Rice's book is practical and Biblically sound.


This book is perfect for:

  • Personal reading
  • Small group study
  • Give a copy to new Christians
  • Give copies to all the youth in your church

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