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The Home: Courtship, Marriage, and Children

Dr. John R. Rice

Published by Sword of the Lord

The teachings of this book are the principles by which Dr. and Mrs. Rice reared six godly, daughters to love and serve the Lord. There are Bible principles given to govern every part of the marriage relationship. This book is a wonderful gift to any husband, wife, young married couple, or soon-to-be married person. 

Price: $3.95


Table of Contents

  • Marriage and Home
  • Courtship and the Dangers of Petting
  • Principles of a Successful and Happy Marriage
  • Some Things That Should Delay Marriage
  • Some Should Not Marry
  • Man, God's Deputy, as Head of the Home
  • Wives to Be Subject to Husbands
  • Letter to a Young Husband
  • Normal Sex Life in Marriage
  • The Blessing of Children
  • Birth Control
  • Correction and Discipline of Children
  • "Honour They Father and They Mother"
  • Family Worship
  • Prayer in the Home
  • Teaching the Bible in the Home
  • Winning Children to Christ in the Home
  • Character Building in the Home
  • Home Cooperation with Church, School, and Community
  • Adultery, the Ruin of Marriage and Morals
  • Divorce, the Wreck of Marriage
  • Making Christ Head of the Home

From the Preface

"Much free advice is given about how to make marriage happy and successful.  Some of this advice is good, some of it is bad, some of it is frivolous and incidental.  Hubands and wives are exhorted to divide up the money evenly so there will be no quarrel, or to agree on a budget, each one to have his own part for his personal expenses and the rest of the income apportioned to definite needs.  Husbands are advised to bring home flowers and candy to the wife. The wife is told that if she expects to hold her husband's love she must put on a fresh dress before he comes home from the office, and meet him with a kiss.  Some writers tell wives to appear to concede the husband's every request but to guide him quietly into her own way unnoticed by the unsuspecting male.  The husbands are told that if they will take their wives out dancing or to the theatre, their marriage will turn out happily.  Wives with philandering hiusbands are advised to laugh off the indiscretions of their mates, and husbands are told that they must not be jealous if they want their wives to continue to love them.  That kind of twaddle fills the advice columns in the newspapers and in books on marriage and the home."


"In this volume I do not claim any special wisdom.  I simply profess to be God's preacher, trying to tell what He says in His Word about some holy matters, with practical applications." :: Helping Baptists promote their web site